Welcome to the Humanities Program

This site is dedicated to the development of the Humanities Program, two courses in Western history, literature and culture designed by and for homeschoolers. It is being developed openly on this site in order to maximize feedback from the homeschooling community and ease of revision based upon that feedback.

The High School Program is a chronological, four year study of Western culture. Students will use modern survey texts, to provide overall structure, as well as extensive readings in the great works of Western civilization.

The Elementary Program consists of four volumes which provide a chronological exploration of Western history, mythology and literature from the beginnings of civilization through the twentieth century. Each volume will consist of roughly 100 stories about significant people, events, myths and stories in Western Culture. They are designed to be read aloud to children who are 5-8 years of age, or may be read independently by children who are slightly older. Links and recommendations are provided wherever possible to allow families to seek our further reading on topics of the greatest interest.