High School Program: Year Two

From the Rise of Rome to Beowulf

High Level Texts:

Primary Sources and Subject Texts

Livy History of Early Rome
Bk I, Preface - XXI, XLIX - LX
PolybiusThe Rise of the Roman Empire
Virgil1st & 4th Eclogues
Aeneid (complete)
PlautusMostellaria (The Haunted House)
MovieA Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
MattinglyThe Man in the Roman Street
Robert WilkenThe Christians as the Romans Saw Them
CiceroLetter to Atticus

1st Catalinarian

Conta Verres

Somnium Scipionis
St. LukeGospel
Acts of the Apostles
St. PaulEpistles (Minimum: 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians, Philemon)
SuetoniusLives of the Caesars
ApuleiusThe Golden Ass:
Bk I, II, XII, + Cupid & Psyche
Petronius“Trimalchio's Dinner” -- Satyricon
Rutilius NamatianusJourney Home
Minucius FelixOctavius
St. AugustineConfessions (selections?)
BoethiusConsolation of Philosophy
WaddellThe Desert Fathers (selections)
Gregory the GreatLife of St. Benedict
St. BenedictRule of St. Benedict
Gregory of ToursHistory of the Franks


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