Never to Die: The Egyptians in Their Own Words

Mayer & Prideaux's Never to Die is a chronological collection of original source material from throughout the history of ancient Egypt.

15-32 covers some general mythological material
37-58 the Old Kingdom
63-96 the Middle Kingdom
101-165 the New Kingdom

As with History Begins at Sumer much of this is being read for general impressions rather than for precision or memorization. Look for similarities and differences in the portrayal of human life and emotion.

You may also find it interesting to look for stylistic parallels between some of the love poetry and the biblical Song of Songs, and also between Akhenaton's "Hymn to the Sun" and some of the psalms of praise.

Personally, I found the manual of surgery in the Old Kingdom section memorably hilarious.

Note: The edition linked to below is an exact reprint (in paperback) of the original 1938 edition. If you can find the original edition used at a decent price, the hardcover and slightly larger format are preferable. There have been no changes at all in the modern reprint.

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