Elementary Program: Volume Four

Modern Times: 1776 to the Present Day

The 13 Colonies

Lives of the founders:
George Washington
Benjamin Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
John & Abigail Adams
John Hancock
Samuel Adams
Alexander Hamilton
James Madison
Charles Carroll

The Declaration of Independence & Revolution:
no taxation without representation
Boston tea party
Paul Revere
The shots heard round the world
the declaration of indepence
the revolutionary war
a new nation
the consitutional convention

The French Revolution & Napoleon:
Louis XVI
the 'Englightenment'
The French Revolution
The Reign of Terror
Admiral Nelson
Duke Wellington
the "Pax Britannica"

Industrial revolution
Queen Victoria
abolition in Britain
the Irish Potato Famine
Australia & New Zealand

The California gold rush
Revolutions of 1848
the British Empire
Charge of the Light Brigade
reform in Russia
decline of the Ottoman Empire

Charles Dickens

The American Civil War:
Abraham Lincoln
Frederick Douglas
civil war
emancipation proclamation

Even Later 19th Century:
Meeting with the East: Trade with China and the Opening of Japan
Trans continental railroad
labor movement

20th Century:
Wright Brothers
G.K Chesterton
World War I
Russian Revolution & Communism
Laurence of Arabia and the search for Arab Freedom
Irish Revolution & Independence
the Jazz Age
the Great Depression
the rise of Nazism and Fascism
World War II
the Iron Curtain
founding of the state of Israel
communism in China
Korean War
anti-communism in the US
spies in the cold war
Vietnam War

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