Elementary Program: Volume Three

The Winds of Change: 1300 to 1776

[fixed some issues here but the chronology is still desperately hosed -- needs work]

Dante's Journey through the Afterlife
Robert the Bruce and Scottish Independence (emerging ideas of nationhood)
the 100 Years War
The Black Death
Henry V & Agincourt
Joan of Arc

Famous artists of the Renaissance
Ferdinand & Isabella

Turkey and the Ottomans
The Fall of Constantanople

Building of St. Peter's
Martin Luther
the Reformation
Henry VIII
Thomas Moore
council of Trent & the counter-Reformation
the wars or religion

Siege of Vienna
Siege of Malta

St. Teresa of Avila (include childhood attempt at martyrdom)
St. John of the Cross
Baroque art & architecture
The Empires of Exploration (Spain, Portugal, France, England)
the new age of trade (east indies, west indies)
Life of Shakespeare
Stories from Shakespeare
Queen Elizabeth
Francis Drake
Virginia & Jamestown
Ignatius Loyola & rise of Jesuits
St. Edmund Campion
Guy Fawkes (in socks, with bomb in box...)
Lady Jane Grey


Charles I and the English Civil War
Classical music

the 30 Years War
the Peace of Westphalia
Salem Witch Trials
Louis XIV
The 'Glorius Revolution' and the Jacobites
Russia under Peter the Great
Dr. Samual Johnson and the first English Dictionary

Frederick the Great of Prussia
Seven Years War/French and Indian War

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